Our story

Humans are made up of atoms, and software of bits. When the two come together in the right constellation, magic happens. This is the central belief on which ATOBI is founded. Engaging, human-centered design continue to be our guiding star when helping our customers succeed through simple and aligned execution. Through our work we have seen how businesses juggle a plethora of systems and tools making it difficult for them to deliver in a clear and synchronized way. Often resulting in lacking performance and disengaged employees. We started ATOBI as we believed there was a better way. We believed in making things simpler while engaging employees at the same time. That is why we have created ONE platform meeting ALL needs when interacting with employees.


Jan D. Andersen
Patrick Kristensen
Camilla Wedel
Andrej Ruckij
Jonas Petrik
Team lead / Software developer
Gintarė Kaubryte
Quality assurance engineer
Tadas Kepalas
DevOps engineer
Arnoldas Jovaisa
Software developer
Linas Beinarauskas
Software developer
Augustinas Keturakis
Front-end developer / Designer
Aleksandr Smailov
Front-end developer
Karolina Zarankaite
Front-end developer
Marius Zaleskis
Software developer
Laimonas Mameniskis
Software developer
Gor Zhamharyan
Business Analyst
Kristian Rude
Business Development Advisor
Jakob Bak
Board Member
Jakob Rasmussen
Business development Rep.
Marijus Vilius
Jonathan Duncan
Business Development