ATOBI is Modular

  • The ATOBI app is modular and tailor-made to you. Assemble the platform to fit you and your company’s needs, and customize the look and feel to your brand
  • Each module is superior within its own field, but the true beauty of ATOBI is activated when you combine them. The modules are built to work together and create full alignment
  • Need something we don’t have? We’re always happy to co-develop new modules and secure a seamless integration to the core systems you use. So reach out, and let’s talk about it!



Improve and motivate

VM Guide

Inspiration and compliance


Micro-learning and action



Support competence


Motivate and track goals

KPI dashboard

Real-time performance status



Reach every employee


Private or group chats

Social Wall

Share ideas and best practices


  • Achievements
  • VM Guide
  • Missions

Showcase your skills and awesomeness!

A key component in gaming is the ability to earn points and unlock new levels or badges. This keeps the players engaged and eager to continue playing.

With Achievements, employees can see and show their accomplishments, points, progress and unlocked badges. Achievements are a source of positive bragging and gentle nudging of employees to complete activities and competitions.

When you want the stores to follow your guidelines – and at the same time inspire each other!

We provide managers with an easy-to-use tool for pushing visual merchandising guidelines, while at the same time engaging employees and encouraging them to take ownership of their store.

Pictures from stores come together in the VM Guide to create an inspiration board for all employees to see. They can like and comment on the pictures, thus reinforcing a positive culture while leveraging best practices.


Sometimes I think it is hard to come up with new ideas all the time – here I can get inspiration on how I can do things differently” – Kathrine, Brand ambassador at DK Company

From lengthy (and often yawn-provoking!) training sessions to micro-learning and action.

The days of e-learning and 30-minute instructional videos are over! If you want a capable workforce with strong skills and good habits, you have to train on a daily basis.

Our philosophy behind Missions is that your training should focus on knowledge and behaviour. That is how truly lasting habits are created.

With ATOBI, employees only have to spend a few minutes each week completing our Missions to create a lasting effect for themselves and your business.

ATOBI is completely different from the traditional way of training. It helped us break bad habits while being fun at the same time.” – Mette, Retail manager at SkoRingen


  • Leaderboard
  • Competition
  • KPI dashboard

If you have a competitive workforce the Leaderboard will light their fire!

The Leaderboard encourages friendly battles between employees and is great for a competitive workforce. Our Leaderboard avoids the traditional approach, where only the top 10 are shown. This approach demotivates the employees who are not in the top 10.

Instead, the leaderboard focuses on the individual person and the 2-3 persons just above and below them. This way it is not about being in the top, but continuously improving to catch up with those slightly better than you.

We are very competitive. It’s all about: What’s the highest rank I can get this month? Every time you make a sale you get 50 points and then you can instantly check your rank on the leaderboard” – Mike, Telco retail employee

There is nothing like a fun competition to get you going!

A Competition is a classic and perfect tool to help you reach and exceed your goals. And it is classic for a reason – in addition to boosting sales, it also increases employee engagement and team spirit.

In addition, it is a powerful addition when launching campaigns or new products.


Empower your employees by providing instant and easy access to their performance data

Easy, real-time tracking of performance is a common, yet often a complex and difficult problem to solve.

The KPI Dashboard enables each employee to easily access her/his performance whenever and wherever. Displaying information in an understandable way allows employees to quickly understand their performance.

Furthermore, management can use the full drill-down functionality to determine employee, team and store performance. This translates into personalized and specific help, the best kind!


  • News
  • Messenger
  • Social Wall

Making sure your news is seen (and read)!

Each day, your employees are bombarded with information. Intranet messages, emails, sales system notifications etc. So how do you make sure that they actually see and read the really important stuff?

With the News module, you can upload news and track how many have read it, and follow-up when needed.

Communication made easy peasy

The Messenger module allows you to easily communicate in a secure environment. One-to-one, group messages or something in between, you can do it in ATOBI.

With the ATOBI Messenger, you automatically comply with your company’s confidentiality guidelines, as only current employees have access. (contrary to many other popular communication tools where you have to manually handle access rights.)


Check out our security page for more information


EU GDPR compliant
Industry standard authentication protocols
You and your employees are in control of your data


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