ATOBI & Telco – A winning combo

BY Gor Zhamharyan
Oct 19, 2020

A leading European Telco company spent the better part of two years looking for a platform that would train and engage their employees while boosting sales. The platform had to be mobile while offering actionable advice and measurable data. Furthermore, they wanted an app that worked in both their call centres and physical retail stores. In response to these requests, ATOBI built a tailor-made platform, which was in the hands of staff only 10 weeks after the contract was signed.



  1. Re-engaging employees after a turbulent period with organisational changes;
  2. Accommodating the distinct requirements of their young Generation Z employee base;
  3. Finding a solution that could be used in physical stores and call centres.


Our solution:

  1. Implementing award-winning gamification features to ensure engagement and motivation;
  2. By applying the look and feel of familiar apps through likes, feedback and social interaction, the users are instantly on-boarded and excited;
  3. Using ATOBI’s modular structure, we built the platform to fit the company’s specific needs and wants.


Gamification in action

During the summer of 2018, our client started a company-wide campaign to boost sales and customer service. Based around Tour de France, the competitions featured individual and team-based challenges, as well as the coveted yellow, green, and spotted jerseys.

Winners were selected based on ATOBI data and announced through the News feature, with short user-generated videos showing the dramatic team battles.

ATOBI allowed our client to apply gamification mechanics to their culture, organization and workflow while generating app traffic and displaying company wins.