Stand-Alone vs. Full-Suite App Strategy

Business Technology

On a quest for efficiency and better customer experiences, brands and retailers are adopting more and more mobile apps for internal and external use. This gives rise to one key question: should you go with a singular, catch-all app, one that’s versatile enough to be a one-stop-shop for your users? Or instead, offer a suite of highly specialised mobile apps, and pursue a sort of digital specialisation strategy?

As a business, you need an app strategy where the main question to be answered is whether to pursue a full-suite or stand-alone approach? Let’s compare.

Pros and cons of Stand-alone vs. Full-suite app strategy

While thinking about which strategy to choose – check out the table below for advantages and disadvantages of previously mentioned strategies.


In the end – you decide what’s better for you: going stand-alone or full-suite. Nevertheless, we hope that this summary below will help you to make a good decision and to do what’s important the most – engage with your employees the best way possible.