Calvin Klein is Keeping up with the Kardashians

BY Augustinas Keturakis
May 28, 2020

Fashion company Calvin Klein dealt with a common fashion company challenge; With employees spread out in branded stores and concessions, aligned and consistent training was difficult. Calvin Klein was also interested in improving their Mystery Shopper Score while re-engaging their staff and increasing their brand knowledge.

With that wishlist in hand, we collaborated with several stakeholders, especially the area managers, and outlined their greatest challenges and goals. We decided to combine their existing training practices with our effective gamification approach: Learning and communication the fun way!



Rather than relying on physical paper, pdf’s and emails, Calvin Klein made the switch to cloud-based communication. As a result, they streamlined, organized, and aligned their internal communication. We converted all of Calvin Klein’s training material into micro-learning missions, arranged with our gamified framework. That way, we ensured training was manageable for the busy store staff, as well as engaging.

ATOBI has all necessary elements a retail store needs to engage employees

“Happy Customers”. With missions focused on customer service, selling products and making customers happy, Calvin Klein staff had training for every aspect of store management.


Brand Heroes

To boost engagement and harness the creativity of Calvin Klein employees, we decided to take advantage of the mobile aspect of ATOBI. Several activities encouraged employees to make short educational and inspiring videos using their phones. These videos spanned from showing off store layout and decoration to highlighting and describing products.

Calvin Klein ambassadors looked through the videos and compiled a showcase of Calvin Klein’s brand heroes and best practices. For employees, by employees!

By engaging employees in creating and sharing best practice material on a voluntary basis, employee motivation and interaction increased, while also making the brand experience top of mind.

In the first three months of use, store staff completed several thousand training missions, sales actions, and quizzes. Not surprisingly, the staff using ATOBI improved their Mystery Shopper Score by 55%, while the control group dropped by 7%.

Calvin Klein mystery shopper results after using ATOBI for three months

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