Training Staff and implementing Visual Guidelines with DK Company

Oct 3, 2018


DK Company, a fast-growing fashion group, came to us with a specific challenge; They wanted to create consistent training across their brick-and-mortar stores, which span four countries. Because of their multinational employee base, training had to be in local languages. DK Company also wanted the ability for best practice and inspiration sharing across stores and countries.

With this wishlist, we went to work and created their ATOBI full-suite app. Within 5 weeks, DK Company employees had access to 6 months worth of daily training activities, translated into 5 languages. All in the palm of their hand.


Visual Merchandising

A popular function in DK Company’s app is their Visual Merchandising module. The VM Module gives the VM Director full ability to determine, communicate, and follow-up on VM guidelines.

DK Company Visual Merchandising Guide

An example of how DK Company employees use the VM Guide and inspire each other.

Rather than having to go through each store manager, the VM guides allow employees to get direct information from the VM Director. Employees read the guidelines and share images of their store and show how they are implementing the guidelines.

The team has become more involved in their work. They have much more knowledge. Before, only the store manager read emails and provided information. But now they can log in, from anywhere, and find information in the app.” – Sari, Store Manager at DK Company

DK Company also used the VM module to celebrate kick-off events, share visual inspiration, videos, and much more.



DK Company’s ATOBI app also offers quizzes, competitions, and daily tips on customer service, sales, as well as comprehensive styling programs on colours, patterns, and body types.

“There’s been a lot of assignments, some really good activities, that have definitely helped in training and giving us new input.” – Kathrine, Brand Ambassador for InWear

ATOBI training module, activity example

An example of the training DK Company staff completed.

Combining this into a full-suite app, employees are given exactly the information they need, when they need it, as well as practical ways to use this knowledge. The 22 unique e-learning modules with hundreds of sales actions and 51 competitions on hit-rate, basket size, and units per transaction drive sales, both daily and weekly. The automatic translation engine delivers all this content in five languages, ensuring consistent training and anchoring across all countries.



With the app, DK Company has seen significant effects on their employee engagement, behaviour, and sales.

  • 67% of employees report an increase in both daily and weekly sales.
  • Over 50% feel highly inspired by the activities in the app.
  • 80% of staff complete app activities each week.

Because app building and content creation were so fast, DK Company employees could stop using WhatsApp, start using ATOBI and see the benefits immediately.

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