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Christmas came early to the ATOBI family. We have just been elected as one of the top 10 employee communication solution providers from the American magazine HR Tech Outlook. This award means a lot for us, as we strive to provide a unique experience for all our clients and their employees. So take a moment and check out the original article from the magazine below.


Although traditional employee engagement and legacy systems proved beneficial to an organisation’s workforce in the past, they are inept at handling the changing needs in today’s digital transformation era. Add to that, the millennial and Gen-z workforce, who have grown up with intuitive mobile gamified user interfaces. They have a plethora of systems battling for their attention and find it unfulfilling to use legacy systems and old-school practices. Faced with the dilemma of not knowing how to communicate and motivate their younger employees, enterprises have been on the lookout for solutions to bridge this shortcoming.

Enter ATOBI, a company that offers ONE platform meeting ALL needs when interacting with employees. “Our full-suite app has all the functionalities that organisations need to onboard, communicate, train, engage, and retain employees,” asserts Jan. D. Andersen, CEO of ATOBI.

Identifying the proper means to engage the new generations is becoming an ever-bigger problem to enterprises. Only about 18% of the workforce is properly engaged, so the potential economic gain is enormous. Often companies will turn to harder guidelines and more checklists in their efforts to get better execution, only to see this having the exact opposite effect.

ATOBI is taking a different approach: Engaging, human-centred design is their guiding star when helping a customer succeed through simple and aligned execution. “We started ATOBI because we believed there was a better way. We believed in making things simpler while engaging employees at the same time,” continues Andersen.

“Our full suite app has all the functionality organisations need to onboard, communicate, train, engage and retain employees.” – Jan. D. Andersen

Deep knowledge on gamification and how this can be used to drive performance is a key pillar in ATOBI’s approach. To ensure full engagement for all employee types the app has been gamified in collaboration with the world’s leading gamification guru, Yu-kai Chou. “ATOBI excels in the practical and theoretical work of  gamification. It’s clear that ATOBI has a burning desire to understand exactly what your company needs to deliver great results,” says one customer of the company.

Andersen exemplifies the effectiveness of the ATOBI app by citing an instance pertaining to one of their clients, who, during the summer of 2018 started a company-wide campaign to boost sales and customer service. Based around Tour de France, the competition featured individual and team-based challenges with the opportunity to win the coveted yellow, green, and spotted jerseys. Winners were selected based on ATOBI’s data and announced through the News feature, with short user-generated videos showing the dramatic team battles.

The ATOBI app is modular and tailor-made to each client. Each module is superior within its own field, but the true beauty of ATOBI is activated when combined. The modules are built to work together and create full alignment.

With a steep growth rate and a global presence ATOBI seems to have found a solution that strongly resonates with retailers. “Our vision is to provide one suite with best-in-class modules that will help companies reach their goals through empowered and engaged employees. And we are thrilled to see how our amazing customers are bringing this vision to life” concludes Andersen.

The article was originally published on HR Tech Outlook magazine (01-12-2018)

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