Atobi secures € 3,8 million in funding to strengthen the SaaS platform and accelerate international growth.

July 3, 2023

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Atobi has just secured financing of € 3,8 million. Atobi not only obtained funding from the Danish Export and Investment Fund but also attracted investment from former Altor Partner, Thomas Kvorning, who is now joining the board. With his extensive experience from successful companies such as Flatpay and Templafy, Thomas Kvorning will enhance Atobi's strategic decision-making process.

Atobi has managed to break through to some of the world's largest brands and retailers. This is due to the development of an integrated SaaS platform and business model with built-in network effects. As a result, we have a unique growth model typically seen only in the most successful social media platforms.

The investment accelerates Atobi's ongoing international growth and contributes to strengthening our position in a rapidly growing market.

Atobi has agreements with major global customers across Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, and Australia. The fact that global brands and retailers from around the world buy into the platform's value testifies to the strong appeal and relevance that Atobi offers.

"In an economic reality where SaaS companies in general struggle to attract investors, we are very proud to expand our investor base," says CEO Jan Dahl Andersen. "Atobi has focused on addressing major market trends, including omnichannel, closer collaboration between suppliers and retailers, 'Retail Media,' and the growth of physical stores. Our platform helps major brands and retailers collaborate on customer experiences and sales growth and through data, uncover untapped potential."


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About Atobi:

Atobi addresses three of the biggest challenges facing retailers and their suppliers. The focus is on employee motivation, optimizing strategic and operational collaboration between brands and retailers, and delivering real-time data. Through this, customers gain insights that result in cost reduction, streamlining, and increased sales for both suppliers and retail companies.


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