Leading Telco Makes Engagement a Strategic Imperative

Oct 3, 2018

After a turbulent period with organisational changes, a leading European telco decided to re-engage their customer service and retail employees. With a high proportion of Generation Z staff, engagement proved a unique challenge. So unique that they had been searching worldwide for a suitable platform, for almost 2 years. They were about to sign with a US-based provider when they met ATOBI. Within 2 weeks they signed the agreement and we began building their app.

The reason for choosing ATOBI?

It was the most professional gamified communication platform they had found that could meet their needs.


The Solution

To meet the challenge of engaging a young workforce, we built an app focused on feedback, social interactions, and gamification. The KPI Dashboard and Leaderboard are both great examples of this.

A ATOBI & Telco KPI Dashboard

With a KPI Dashboard and Leaderboard similar to this, employees can easily see how many points either they, their team, or store has amassed.

With the KPI Dashboard and Leaderboard, each employee has a clear overview of their current sales ranking and what they need to reach another level. Furthermore, the gamified elements encourage results and some friendly competition.

As the telco’s employees work in either physical stores or call centres, it was vital for their solution to be flexible and mobile. ATOBI is both of these things, allowing employees to check their ranking or learning new knowledge, wherever and whenever.

The working relationship with ATOBI has been very effective and constructive. We received good solutions that connect the strategic goals to concrete actions by our employees.” – Thomas, Senior Retail Director


Tour de Engagement

In order to empower managers, we encouraged them to create their own goals, competitions, and badges, leading to engaging and funny results.

One of which is the 2018 summer campaign. Based on Tour de France, the competitions featured individual and team-based challenges, as well as the coveted yellow, green and spotted jerseys.

Winners were selected based on the KPI Dash and announced through the News feature, with short user-generated videos showing the dramatic team battles.

We are all very competitive. It’s all about: What’s the highest rank I can get this month? Every time you make a sale, you get 50 points and then you can instantly check your rank on the leaderboard in the ATOBI app” – Mike, retail employee

ATOBI allowed our client to apply gamification mechanics to their culture, organization and workflow while generating app traffic and displaying company wins.