Tommy Hilfiger anchors new selling habits with gamification

Jun 3, 2020

Tommy Hilfiger came to ATOBI even though they already had an e-learning app. Employees didn’t use the app, despite it being both beautiful and filled with great content. It lacked engagement. This lack of engagement meant that Tommy Hilfiger’s efforts to anchor new sales and service habits fell flat. Related to this they also wanted to improve their mystery shopper and NPS (net promoter scores). Both of these had been unmoved by the roll-out of their e-learning app.

ATOBI developed a version of our app with content focusing on Tommy Hilfiger’s 5 service values. Based on their already existing training material, we created an engaging and intuitive learning experience. Specifically, 6 separate programs, each offering three levels of expertise.


With modules like this KPI module, Tommy Hilfiger was given the tools they needed to train, monitor and engage all employees.


The Effect

In the first six months of use, Tommy Hilfiger saw amazing results; 27.000 social interactions and 23.000 applauds shared across the platform, as well as 7514 completed sales activities. The app use had an obvious effect on customers, with an exit shopper study revealing a 58% increase in NPS score.

To make onboarding as hassle-free as possible, we implemented a six-month gamified ambassador program. This, along with our gamified approach, made app use close to 100%. And when asked about the effect of the app, Tommy Hilfiger employees only had positive things to say:

  • 56% of staff felt highly or very highly inspired
  • 73% of staff were much more conscious about how they sell to and service customers
  • 85% believe it gives better customer experiences
  • 67% report extra sales, directly tied to the use of the app

A quadruple sign-up increase to the brand loyalty program was also a measured effect.

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Jan Dahl Andersen,


[email protected]

Tommy Hilfiger