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Making, managing and measuring product campaigns just got a whole lot easier with Atobi!

Template information

Who this use case template is for:

Trade Marketers, Retail Marketers, Brand and Communications Managers that need to align their campaign operations with their wholesale partners.

What this use case template is for:

Effortlessly aligning and coordinating campaigns across many wholesale partners in real time.

Key benefits of this use case template:

Making, managing and measuring your campaigns using this template will help you streamline the way you coordinate, communicate and collaborate with your wholesale partners, and get direct insights from store staff on reach, engagement and execution.

Product campaigns are notoriously tricky to pull off - it requires a high level of coordination and collaboration between brands, retailers and the store staff selling the products.

The key performance indicator is typically: sales, sales, sales! But a product rarely sells itself - and that is why aligning, coordinating, and informing store staff is critical for campaign success.

That’s why we at Atobi have created the Article Studio: to make it super easy for Trade Marketers, Retail Marketers, Brand and Communications Managers to create and distribute interactive and engaging product campaigns to all of their wholesale partners and their store staff to execute on.

Here's what the Product Campaign template can do for you:

Foster closer collaboration between your brand and wholesale partners

Wholesale collaboration is a two-way street, so making it simple and engaging to work together with your brand is crucial to the success of your campaigns - and ultimately, your brand advocacy with your wholesalers.

Distribute and auto-translate your content to all of your partners across the globe

A big hassle in managing campaigns is having to distribute materials and information in PDF and email formats - or having to rely heavily on field training to make sure everything is executed properly.

This usually results in disengaged or uninformed store staff, lacking campaign execution - and lost sell-out. With Atobi, you can centralize your wholesale ecosystem in one place, and distribute localized campaigns in minutes, not days or weeks.

Track and measure campaign execution at scale

Previously, wholesale campaigns have been executed in the dark, with little to no data or insights into reach, engagement, execution and more. With Atobi, you can track and measure all of the most important metrics related to your wholesale campaigns in real-time - and optimize your campaigns with the help of those insights.

Structure of the template

Product overview

Show and tell how the product you’re launching is special! Highlight the USPs for store staff to use in dialogues with the customers.

Visual merchandising and brand guidelines

A step-by-step guide to displaying your product makes it easy for the store staff to execute.

Campaign details

Share your plan and objectives for the campaign to make sure your retail partners are on board.

Feedback and reporting

A crucial part of campaigns that brands sometimes forget - is the feedback loops! Gather important feedback from your retailers and their learnings from talking to customers about the product - and use this data to inform your strategy.

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Product Campaigns
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Ready to see Atobi in action?

Get a live demo and discover why 50,000 users around the globe love using Atobi for retail execution and collaboration

Get a live demo and discover why 50,000 users around the globe love using Atobi for retail execution and collaboration

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