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Atobi's Cutting-Edge Technology

Atobi's Real-Time Retail platform transforms businesses by providing improved customer experience, increased efficiency, and secure and reliable operations.

With our innovative approach to digital transformation and cutting-edge technology, we aim to empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve and succeed in today's competitive market.


Availability to all employees is critical, which is why Atobi offers apps for Android, Huawei, and iOS mobile devices and the same experience through a Browser.

All features are built “Mobile first” to ensure an optimal experience for especially the busy workday of the in-store staff.


No company is alike - even if the Atobi Platform is a standard service for all our customers, we know you are unique.

Atobi is highly configurable, allowing you to adapt to your own culture and processes, while the core is the same for all customers and upgraded automatically.


Through a well-documented JSON/REST API, make headless/programmatic integrations to Atobi and post new content automatically to predefined audiences across your different locations or share content with your partners through Atobi Connect.


Our platform is built on a multitenant architecture, meaning that multiple customers can use the same software application while keeping their data and processes separate. This approach allows us to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions while ensuring high scalability and availability. Our infrastructure is designed to handle large volumes of traffic and to offer continuous uptime, ensuring that our platform is always available to our clients.

Atobi is built “Cloud Native”, leveraging existing scalable, mature, and secure services where we can and making our own where we can’t. All our services are delivered from ISO-certified data centers within Europe, primarily Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.


All data is encrypted using industry-standard encryption techniques, both in transit and at rest, and our services are penetration and vulnerability tested regularly.

We write really cool code, but to be extra careful, we peer-review all the code before we allow it onto our testing environments for our automated tests to check. Only after both an automated test and manual regression and smoke testing, do we allow new features and the eventual bug fix to reach our production services.

Each customer’s data is naturally isolated and only shared with other customers if explicitly shared through Atobi Connect.

Insights included

Atobi monitors and publishes daily statistics and insights about how you and your colleagues are using the platform and engaging with the different types of content and tasks.

Atobi comes as default with a number of dashboards, designed to help managers and in-store specialists track engagement, progress, and follow-up on agreed product launches and both the associated product specialist training and the visual merchandising required.

External KPI data can be uploaded to Atobi and made available to managers and store staff for a convenient daily update on how each store and individual performs.

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