our mission

Enable retailers and brands to collaborate effectively and deliver great in-store experiences and sell-outs.

why we’re different

Stay ahead in a fast-changing world

Atobi offers an unparalleled employee experience, cross-company collaboration capabilities between retailers and brands, and actionable insights.

These are critical to the success of any retail business, and with Atobi, you can reach your goals.

Employees should not work harder than data

Atobi makes it easier to do great work - by making the data do the hard work. Our platform provides real-time data, which allows you to track performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. We call it Real-time Retail.

Bring your requirements to life in real-time

Collaboration between retailers and their suppliers is essential in today's retail industry. Atobi platform offers cross-company collaboration capabilities that allow you to work together seamlessly. Atobi facilitates communication, ensuring that you can seamlessly work together to achieve your shared goals.

Unparalleled Employee Experience

We recognize the importance of providing an excellent employee experience in the retail industry. A happy and engaged workforce is essential to the success of any retail business. This is why we have made this a foundation and a key priority in our platform.

Learn more about how Atobi has helped many of the world’s biggest brands and retailers.

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