The Atobi Story

Retailers and brands

invest billions in making

supply chains efficient.

They know exactly

how long a product takes

to design, manufacture,

and distribute.

But, when it comes

where 80% of retail

costs lie

(the people)

(the people), they are

they are completely in the dark.

completely in the dark.

Retailers and brands

have yet to figure out

how to upskill, engage, and inform store

how to upskill, engage, and inform

how to upskill, engage, and

staff at scale.

store staff at scale.

inform store staff at scale.

That's because their

supply chain of knowledge

is fundamentally broken.

What if the retail industry functioned as one interconnected ecosystem?

We know - what ifs are a bit dreamy. But its also what gives our work at Atobi true meaning.

We are building for a future where retail-brand partnerships no longer have to be operated from the dark.

Where processes and people are connected.

Where data and insights are plentiful.

And every strategy can be informed by those insights.

What is hindering retailers and brands from getting there?

Communication is often scattered across 3-4 channels.

Employees are overwhelmed navigating between tools, content, and information just to do their job.

Store staff turnover is higher than ever - they simply aren't engaged and empowered.

And worst of all, retailers and brands have no idea how to go about solving these issues.

Why? Because they have no insights into if their communication is reaching store staff, if its actually engaging them, and how they might go about increasing that engagement.

What we do at Atobi

At Atobi, we are building a platform for brands and retailers to engage store staff, collaborate with their partners, and gather insights to help them bridge the gap between their strategy and results.