Engage Your Workforce to Drive More Profit

Atobi unites your retail organisation across all devices in one solution that makes it easy for staff to engage in training, communication, KPIs, knowledge, and compliance.

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Built for Retailers.
Designed for People.

One Solution for Everyone to Act as One

Consistency and uniformity across stores are vital in building your brand. Atobi gives your franchises, managers, and sales associates what they need to feel and act as one global company.

Better Employee Journey, Increased Engagement

Twenty years of working with global retailers and a collaboration with the world’s leading engagement experts - that’s the foundation of Atobi. We don’t just want your stores to be compliant. We want them to be proudly compliant.

Fast Execution, Without the Hassle

The daily operations in retail can be unpredictable. To grow your business, you need a digital solution that enables fast and riskless execution. Streamline communication, training, knowledge, and objectives into one workflow.

Lower Churn with a Connected Workforce

85% of frontline employees feel disconnected from their workplace. This leads to absenteeism and employee churn. Atobi is your new way of engaging with employees.

Remove language and location barriers with seamless communication
Increase engagement with group chat, polls, social feed, peer-to-peer recognition, and more.
Track store engagement
With Atobi, 89% of employees actively share best practice images and ideas

“The team have become more involved in their work. Before, only the Store Manager would read the emails. But now they can log in from anywhere and find the information they need in the app.”

Sari Lipiäinen


Improve Operational Efficiency by Rewarding Compliance

On average, 30% of POP materials are not implemented correctly. Improve operational efficiency, ensure brand consistency, and provide common product knowledge across all stores.

Enable VM inspiration and sharing of best practices
Real-time overview of knowledge compliance on the employee and store level
Quickly spot stores that are falling behind
With Atobi, stores improve their mystery shopping score 55%

“The working relationship with Atobi has been very effective. We have received good solutions that connected our strategic goals to concrete actions for our employees.”

Thomas Krogh

Senior retail director

Improve the Customer Experience to Increase Store Sales

As competition intensifies, your frontline workers need to consistently deliver a superior customer experience. But traditional training is expensive and time-consuming. Atobi accelerates both onboarding and training by breaking long sessions into small bite-sized lessons, so you don’t have to take employees off the floor.

Create engaging micro-learning with gamification
Measure employee’s progress during onboarding and training
Improve cross-selling and upselling with the Atobi training program
With Atobi, 67% of employees close more sales

“The amount of knowledge and information I receive in the app is insane. Everyone is sharing their own experiences with the products, which helps a lot when selling them to customers”

Zoey Hoveling


Drive Execution With Metrics That Matter

You print out reports, send excel files, and email instructions with long cc and bcc lists. Still, your staff receives too much, too little, or outdated info on their KPIs. Atobi focuses on the top 5 to 8 metrics that matter. Give your workforce access to understandable, actionable, and real-time KPIs in the palm of their hand.

Real-time performance dashboard
Full KPI drill-down from top to staff
Easily spot underperforming stores
With Atobi, 73% of employees provided better customer service

Features for All Use Cases

Internal Chat

Create groups or direct conversations with anyone in the entire organisation.

Social Feed

Like Facebook feed, but private to your company and employees. Share, like and connect with each other!

Company News

Make announcements to everyone or to smaller amounts of people. You choose who sees your Company News.

Mobile Learning

Help your employees learn everything about your company and products with bite-sized information and social learning.


Store all the information about your company and product in one place so your employees can access it any time.

Visual Guide

Send all Visual Merchandising material through the app. Save time on store visits and increase compliance.

Performance KPIs

Create individual, as well as store, region or country sales goals. Encourage your staff to be aware of their own performance.


How many countries are you operating in? It doesn’t matter, you can translate the content to any language.


Don’t miss any news and always stay up to date.

One-Click Translations

Make sure that no best practice sharing, training, or news is lost due to language barriers. Instant, one-click translations make communication easy. Designed for conversations across 104 different languages.