Engaging tomorrow’s workforce

  • ATOBI is the leading employee engagement app for retailers and telcos with gamified execution and communication features
  • ATOBI’s full-suite app enables you to interact with your organization through ONE channel
  • Turn your KPIs, goals and concepts into engaging actions

Why choose Atobi?

One system, full overview

Through the full-suite app you have a one-point entry for interacting. And it doesn’t matter if it relates to training, performance, news or a competition – ATOBI delivers!

Everyone pulling in the same direction!

The full-suite app enables you to execute and drive daily operations in a synchronized manner, making everyone pull in the direction you need.

Engaging tomorrow’s workforce!

At ATOBI we engage and put people first with human-centered design and gamification. Oh, and we have just been elected top employee engagement app.

Up and running in just 4 weeks!

ATOBI is super easy to implement – you are up and running with your own branded app in just 4 weeks.

Why our clients like us

Brand ambassador at InWear

ATOBI has a lot of activities that have been really great in terms of training and new input. The missions inspire you to make that extra effort, and it increases motivation. You want to fight that extra to reach your goals.

Thomas Krogh, 
Senior Retail Director at Telenor DK

The working relationship with ATOBI has been very effective and constructive. We received good solutions that connect the strategic goals to concrete actions by our employees.

Retail manager at SkoRingen

ATOBI is completely different from the traditional way of training. It helped us break bad habits while being fun at the same time.

Telco retail employee

With the ATOBI app, we always have an overview of our performance and how to improve it even more.

Thomas Markedal, 
Implementation Specialist at Telenor DK

ATOBI excels in the practical and theoretical work of gamification. It’s clear that ATOBI has a burning desire to understand exactly what your company needs to deliver great results.

Retail manager at DK Company

The team has become more involved in their work. They have much more knowledge. Before, only the store manager read emails and provided information. But now they can log in, from anywhere, and find information in the app.


increase in Nike’s campaign sales while using ATOBI


of DK Company’s employees report an increase in both daily and weekly sales


of Tommy Hilfiger’s employees believe using ATOBI lead to a better customer experience


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