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Store Visit Checklists

Easily create alignment from HQ to store-level with these interactive, digital store visit checklists. Measure completion rates and scores, and identify at-risk stores or regions with in-depth analytics.

Template information

Who is this for?
This template is for Regional/Country/Area Managers that need to track and measure performance of several stores.

What is this for?
Store visit checklists serve as systematic guides for retail teams to assess and maintain various aspects of their operations, including visual merchandising, inventory management, and customer experience. They ensure consistency, adherence to brand standards, and overall excellence in retail environments.

Key benefits of this template
Digitizing store checklists with Atobi brings efficiency and real-time collaboration to the retail landscape. Leveraging the Atobi platform for operations like Store Visits, managers can easily measure performance from a store-level all the way to country, region and area. Digital checklists on Atobi provide centralized access, enabling teams to collaborate, communicate, and execute tasks more effectively.

The Store Visit Checklist is an operational must for all retailers - but making sure the work gets done properly every time can be difficult if you’re still relying on static PDFs (or even worse - pen and paper).

With the Article Studio, you can outline all of the actionables for your store staff and managers, in an interactive and engaging way - all while being able to capture and track insights on what got done, when, and by who.

Efficient retail operations, with less work - all while making it more engaging for the store staff and managers?

That’s what we call retail excellence.

Here's what the Store Visit Checklist template can do for you:

Efficient store operations and alignment from HQ to store level

An interactive and digital store visit checklist using Atobi makes this repeated admin task efficient - easily check off tasks, upload pictures to confirm VM compliance, and create alignment from HQ to store level on requirements, success criteria, and best practices.

Real-time collaboration

Atobi helps foster a collaborative environment where Regional, Country or Area managers can work together with store managers to create best practices and improve store operations.

Aggregated data and actionable insights

Aggregating data on a store level helps generate large-scale actionable insights on a Regional, Country or Area level, so you can identify best practice or at-risk stores, and improve strategic decision making.

Structure of the template

The structure this template is purely based on the team's experience working in retail - but feel free to customize it however you'd like. In this template, we have included:

  1. Visual Merchandising

The Visual Merchandising section includes 4 'quiz' blocks that outline the different departments/categories the store is divided into. Each individual quiz has its own checklist, so that you can measure performance on a department/category level as well.

  1. Compliance and safety

This section will vary depending on your store's rules and regulations, but here we've added 2 simple 'Yes/No' blocks to measure compliance.

  1. Customer experience

For this section, we've added a 'Yes/No' and an 'Open Question' block to measure Cleanliness and a qualitative evaluation of store staff performance.

  1. Inventory management

For this section, there is a 'Yes/No' block to confirm sufficient stock levels, and a 'Simple Task' to confirm stock levels are above 99% accuracy.

  1. First impressions/feedback

This final section is to provide the store managers and staff with some qualitative feedback for what they can improve in the store. Therefore, we've added 2 'Open Question' blocks.

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Store Visit Checklists
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Ready to see Atobi in action?

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Get a live demo and discover why 50,000 users around the globe love using Atobi for retail execution and collaboration

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